Certificate IV in Hospitality

Course code SIT40422 – Certificate IV in Hospitality (Release 1)
Course duration 6 to 12 Months
Study mode Classroom & Practical Placement & Self-Paced Training
Fees Government Funded



This course runs for 2 days per week for 18 weeks, then paid or unpaid practical placement for up to 36 weeks (minimum 5 hours per shift). Topics covered include:


The course is delivered over a period of 6 to 12 months. The first 18 weeks of the course are delivered on campus in our state of the art training facilities located at 28 Elizabeth St, Melbourne 3000.

Upon satisfactory completion of the first 18 weeks, learners will be able to undertake practical placement in the industry where they will be required to complete a minimum of 36 shifts, usually at the rate of one shift per week. Due to the competency based nature of the course, the frequency of shifts may be altered if mutually agreed to by all parties. Such a change may also alter the delivery period of the qualification.

Learners will be required to undertake some self-paced learning, which on average will be up to 14 hours per week.

The program is fun, hands-on and ensures the safety of learners, allowing them to develop their skills in our safe simulated working environment before applying and consolidating their skills in the workplace. CHT Melbourne embraces a hands-on philosophy to training, as we believe the only way for you to learn how to do something is to do it yourself.

Classroom training

The first 18 weeks of the Certificate IV in Hospitality runs for 2 days per week, from 9am- 5pm. At different points in the year, we may also offer part-time weekend and evening options for this stage of the qualification.

The classroom curriculum includes all of the resources and practical, hands-on training necessary to find work in the hospitality industry, including comprehensive training in:

Once this is completed, students’ progress to the practical placement stage of the qualification.

Practical placement

All students who successfully complete the 18 week classroom component will be provided with 36 unpaid training shifts with an employer in the hospitality industry. Each shift will be a minimum of 5 hours.

Practical placements provide students with:

These shifts provide students with a variety of opportunities to be able to apply their skills and gain some real-world experiences, in addition to completing the formal workplace assessment elements of the qualification.


Graduates who complete their Certificate IV in Hospitality will be competent in the responsible service of alcohol and food safety supervisor,  to go with their well-developed bartending, coffee making and food and beverage service skills. They will have the leadership skills to manage and lead others within a business, along with a grounding in the financial and operational foundations of running a leading hospitality venue.

The course structure allows for repeated practice of practical skills, continually building on existing skills to help develop both confidence and professionalism. The confidence and skills our graduates attain will allow them to operate independently or with limited guidance from others, and use their discretion to solve non-routine problems in the workplace.

Fees and Government Funding

Tuition Fees (GST Exempt) Cost
Full Fee $3995
Government Funded* $0
Concession $0

* For full details of our fee structure, please see our Fee Schedule.

Units of Competence:

Name Code Type
Provide responsible service of alcohol SITHFAB021 Elective
Operate a bar SITHFAB023 Elective
Prepare and serve espresso coffee SITHFAB025 Elective
Serve food and beverage SITHFAB027 Elective
Prepare and serve cocktails SITHFAB030 Elective
Provide advice on beers, spirits and liqueurs SITHFAB031 Elective
Provide advice on Australian wines SITHFAB032 Elective
Provide table service of food and beverage SITHFAB034 Elective
Plan and monitor espresso coffee service SITHFAB038 Elective
Use a computerised booking system SITXCCS017 Elective
Use hygienic practices for food safety SITXFSA005 Elective
Participate in safe food handling practices SITXFSA006 Elective
Work effectively in hospitality service SITHIND008 Core
Enhance customer service experiences SITXCCS015 Core
Manage conflict SITXCOM010 Core
Manage finances within a budget SITXFIN009 Core
Coach others in job skills SITXHRM007 Core
Roster staff SITXHRM008 Core
Lead and manage people SITXHRM009 Core
Monitor work operations SITXMGT004 Core
Implement and monitor work health and safety practices SITXWHS007 Core



To book into this course you will need to come in to the college to fill out the appropriate paperwork. Please book early to secure a place in your preferred course. For more information please give us a call on 03-9654-7277.

* This Training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding.

* For full details of our fee structure, please see our Fee Schedule.
* People with a disability are encouraged to apply. RTOID: (3722)