What certificates does a waiter need?

Date Published: 19-02-2013

Different venues will require waiters hold different certificates before they are legally able to wait on tables. Any venue that serves alcohol in any capacity would require all wait staff to hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate (RSA Melbourne). As a waiter taking orders for drinks, or even merely delivering drinks to tables, you would require an RSA certificate. Only if the venue did not sell alcohol in any capacity e.g. A small café, would waiters not require an RSA certificate.

Furthermore, it is recommended that waiters serving or preparing food should hold valid Food Handling certificate. This is to ensure they are up to date with the relative legislation and best practices for serving, handling and storing food. Food Handling certificates are particularly important for smaller venues, whereby the role of the waiter and of kitchen staff are more likely to overlap, and would likely see wait staff actively preparing food, not merely bringing it to the table.

Further to any certificates legally required to work as a waiter, it is very important that waiters are well trained and have the appropriate skills and knowledge to work as a waiter. It can be difficult for someone without any experience to find work as a waiter; this is as employers will always favour experienced or trained staff over untrained staff. The Victorian Bar School offers a comprehensive waiting course that will give you the skills and the confidence to find work as a waiter in Melbourne. The course covers everything a waiter needs to know from greeting the customers through to clearing the table. The course covers the following topics.

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