Subsidised Course inc. RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)

Are you eligible for Government Funding?

Brian is over 20 years old and New Zealand citizen, but he does not have any current qualifications

Brian may be eligible for funding!

Mandy has completed a qualification, but she is under 20 years of age

Mandy may be eligible for funding!

Mae is over 20 years old and has already completed a degree

Mae is not eligible for funding!

David is 22 years old and currently studying, but has not completed his degree yet

David may be eligible for funding!

These scenarios are examples only. To comprehensively assess your eligibility, click here.

You could be eligible for state and federal funding:

The Victorian Bar School is able to offer our comprehensive hospitality program, the Certificate IV in Hospitality, which features over $3,995 worth of training from only $79 for eligible candidates! The course is a hands-on program which focuses on the practical skills required to work in hospitality, as we believe the best way to learn to do something is to actually do it yourself.  This Government Subsidised Program will equip you with the skills, confidence and a Nationally Recognised qualifications to start working in any area of the hospitality industry. The program includes:

This program is fun, interactive and hands on. Our students love this course and half of the students that do the course come because another student has recommended it.  You will be making and drinking coffee and cocktails, making new friends and learning new skills. Check out our video Testimonials, read some of Reviews or drop by the Bar School to see a course in action!

Eligibility Criteria for Government Funding (Victoria)

In order to be eligible for a government funded training, you must be:

Check your eligibility with the Victorian Government’s online tool here.

Accessing your Skill First Program entitlement may impact your access to further government subsidised training. Maximum of 2 government funded enrolments at each qualification level in your lifetime. For more information please contact reception.

* This Training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding. * For full details of our fee structure, please see our Fee schedule

* People with a disability are encouraged to apply. RTOID: (3722)