Life is too short for bad Coffee!

Date Published: 23-06-2013

The Coffee industry is booming around the country, and no-where else more so than in Melbourne.

It’s no longer enough to serve inferior coffee.   The average guy on the street won’t put up with that ANY longer, …. hence the importance of learning to make top coffee in a coffee course run by professionals.   Look no further!  The Victorian Bar School will transform you right here with Melbourne’s best Coffee Course, from one who simply loves coffee to one who will also make and serve the very best coffee.

Office and street chatter often turns to, ‘Which is your favourite coffee’ and ‘Who’s your favourite Barista’?   There’s even sites where you can rate your favourites such as  so make sure you get the very best Barista Coffee Training  in the very best Coffee Course.  That way when they rate you, you’ll be right where you deserve to be.  – Right at the TOP!